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Helping Students Thrive In College
With Responsive, Professional, & Proven Support

Coaching helps students succeed
in college and get the most out of their experience.

What We Offer

Virtual Hall provides academic, executive functioning, and college life coaching to students at any college or university.


Access your coaches from anywhere! Students generally meet with coaches 3-4 hours/week


Virtual Hall’s team are dedicated professionals with one goal in mind: Helping students succeed.


Coaches work with students on academics, writing, executive functioning, study skills, and college life coaching


Virtual Hall students can attend college anywhere in the country, and still get the support they need

Success. One Step At A Time.

Success in college relies on organization, executive functioning, self-awareness, pro-active problem solving, understanding how to navigate the unique intricacies of a collegiate bureaucracy, balancing social goals with the responsibilities of being a young adult, and more.  

Virtual Hall‘s unique coaching model provides a flexible, accessible, and responsive framework so students can receive the support they need to be, and become, their very best.

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Virtual Hall’s sister organization, Mansfield Hall, provides comprehensive residential college support in:

Madison, WI

Eugene, OR

Burlington, VT

As well as a supported Study Abroad option in Reading, UK

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