About: What Is Virtual Hall?

Virtual Hall Is Remote and Responsive Academic and College Life Coaching for Student Success.

Success in college relies on organization, executive functioning, self-awareness,
pro-active problem solving, understanding how to navigate the unique intricacies of a collegiate bureaucracy, balancing social goals with the responsibilities of being a young adult, and more.  

Virtual Hall ‘s unique coaching model provides a flexible, accessible, and responsive framework so students can receive the support they need to be, and become, their very best.

Coaching can help students:

  • Accurately assess the time needed to complete assignments
  • Set, prioritize academic and life goals
  • Create the scaffolding and chunking required to tackle big projects
  • Manage the anxiety that often results from feeling academically or socially overwhelmed
  • Individuate from parents while still having age-appropriate support
  • Increase academic efficiency, to get the most out of study efforts
  • Identify and overcome challenges while they are still small and manageable

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Students Work With A Dedicated Team of Academic, Writing, and College Life Coaches

Virtual Hall Academic Coaches and Writing Instructors work closely with students to help them master the skills needed for post-secondary education, including: 

  • Building the executive functioning skills needed to successfully manage college coursework
  • Developing and applying collegiate study skills
  • Navigating on-campus services
  • Advocating for their needs
  • Mastering college-level writing
  • Connecting with subject-specific tutors, if needed
  • College Life Coaching to help students successfully navigate all aspects of college life 

More Than Just Academic & College Life Coaching:

Social Connections At Virtual Hall

Central to the college experience is building a community, and so while the nuts and bolts of academics and adulting can be taxing, Virtual Hall provides easy and ready-made access to a robust and active social community via the Virtual Hall coaching platform. Whether it is connecting with peers for a digital escape room, a regularly-scheduled D&D campaign, building a fantasy football team, or gathering for a group-watch of the latest film or the big game, Virtual Hall combines cutting-edge academic and social support with access to the most important thing in college:

Other College Students.