Learn more about how Virtual Hall provides comprehensive coaching to help college students set and achieve their academic and life goals.

Virtual Hall Coaching

Success in college requires much more than just intelligence. 

Success relies on organization, executive functioning, self-awareness, pro-active problem solving, understanding how to navigate the unique intricacies of a collegiate bureaucracy, balancing social goals with the responsibilities of being a young adult, and more.  

Virtual Hall’s coaching model provides a flexible, accessible, and responsive framework so students can receive the support they need to be, and become, their very best.

Coaching can help students:

  • Accurately assess the time needed to complete assignments
  • Set and prioritize academic and life goals
  • Create the scaffolding and chunking required to tackle big projects
  • Manage the anxiety that often results from feeling academically or socially overwhelmed
  • Individuate from parents while still having age-appropriate support
  • Increase academic efficiency, to get the most out of study efforts
  • Identify and overcome challenges while they are still small and manageable

Learn more about our Evidence-Based Strategies

  The A-Team Leader & College Life Coaching

Coaches and students are grouped in an “Access Team”,  and the A-Team Leader connects directly with students to help them set, work toward, and achieve realistic goals in a student-centered & expert-supported coaching model. 

A-Team Leaders also work with students, and the rest of the team, to keep everyone on track and focused.

Students are in touch with their A-Team Leader on a regular basis, using a variety of platforms (call, text, video chat, etc.) and flexible scheduling. 

The A-Team Leader is the insider’s guide to hacking college life!


    Work With A Team Of Experts

    And Become Your Best Self.

    Academic Coaches & Writing Instructors

    Managing the academic expectations of college, either in-person or online, means students have to learn – and demonstrate learning – in a new way.  Virtual Hall Academic Coaches and Writing Instructors work closely with students to help them master the skills needed for post-secondary education, including: 

    • building the executive functioning skills needed to successfully manage college coursework
    • developing and applying collegiate study skills
    • understanding and receiving accommodations
    • advocating for their needs
    • mastering college-level writing
    • connecting with subject-specific tutors, if needed
    • and more…!

    More Than Just Academic & College Life Coaching:

    Social Connections At Virtual Hall

    Central to the college experience is building a community, and so while the nuts and bolts of academics and adulting can be taxing, Virtual Hall provides easy and ready-made access to a robust and active social community via the Virtual Hall coaching platform.

    Whether it is connecting with peers for a digital escape room, a regularly-scheduled D&D campaign, building a fantasy football team, or gathering for a group-watch of the latest film or the big game, Virtual Hall combines cutting-edge academic and social support with access to the most important thing in college:

    Other College Students.

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