Virtual Hall: For Students

Virtual Hall: For Students

Virtual Hall students are:

  • Bright & capable
  • Motivated to be successful in college
  • Interested in learning how to use on-campus support services
  • Committed to making the most of their college experience

Students work with their own small team of dedicated coaches for an average of 3-4 hours each week. 


    Our coaches are smart – but also kind, fun, excellent at connecting with students, and committed to student success.  Coaches can quickly become a positive element of the college experience!

    The goal of coaching is to help students set and achieve their own goals.

    Coaching can help students focus on:

    • Academic efficiency
    • The writing process
    • Planning major assignments
    • Staying Organized
    • Knowing when, and how, to utilize on-campus support services
    • Managing (non-clinical) academic or social anxiety
    • Building confidence to be a successful independent college student


    Let's Get Started On This Journey To Success