Why Virtual Hall?

“Getting In” & “Staying In” Are Not The Same Thing. 

Go Beyond Surviving: Thrive.

    STUDENTS choose Virtual Hall because:

    • They know they will benefit from the support of our Academic and College Life Coaches
    • They want a dedicated Team Approach, which balances expertise and access, while still allowing for a strong relationships with their Team
    • They want to succeed, not only in college, but in making a successful transition to independence
    • They recognize the flexibility and responsiveness available from a remote coaching model

      PARENTS choose Virtual Hall because:

      • Virtual Hall provides a developmentally-appropriate safety net for students who are taking their first steps into independence
      • They want to both support success but also relinquish the duties of “Executive Function Coach”
      • They know that Virtual Hall’s holistic approach to student success will best serve their child
      • They are investing in college, and Virtual Hall helps protect that investment
      • They value expertise and experience, and recognize the importance of Coaching to help their student achieve their full potential

      Let's Get Started On This Journey To Success