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College is hard enough. 

You do not have to do it alone.

Virtual Hall students have realized what effective students and professionals all over the world already know: 

That nobody who is successful got there without some help.

Work Smarter.

The Virtual Hall Enrollment Process:

Our enrollment process has been designed to help us understand our students so that we can tailor effective and customized coaching solutions.  Virtual Hall is designed to meet any student where they are – and then help them make it to where they want to be.

Step One: Get in Touch

We look forward to hearing from you, learning more, and sharing what Virtual Hall can do for you.  Our Enrollment Counselors work with students and their family to understand student needs, and to make sure that Virtual Hall’s supports and services are fully explained and understood.

Step Two: Information Exchange

We collect and review student records, transcripts, any test scores, or other relevant paperwork.  We also connect with at least one ancillary service provider (teacher, tutor, coach, mentor), who can help us understand a student’s readiness for coaching support.

Step Three: Enrollment Paperwork & Registration

A streamlined enrollment process captures the critical information needed to connect students with their own team of expert coaches, who are dedicated to helping students access success.

Step Four: Get Connected & Get Going on Your Goals!

Virtual Hall coaching begins up to two weeks before the start of a student’s academic term.  Students work with their Access Team, learn their way around the intuitive Virtual Hall ecosystem, and get connected with other college students who are also “hanging out at the Virtual Hall.”  

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