Targeted and individualized academic and college life coaching can be the difference between struggles and success in a college environment. Coaching alone is not going to make college easy – but it can certainly make student efforts more effective and efficient, and can help students get the most out of their college experience.

Integrating “class time”, “study time”, and “free time” into a realistic schedule is not an intuitive task, and many new college students grossly underestimate the amount of time or effort required to meet their academic goals. Additionally, the writing process can cause significant challenges for even the brightest of students, and as a result it is all too easy for students to enter into a cycle of procrastination, avoidance, and overwhelm. Coaching supports students to prioritize tasks, build and keep a realistic schedule, and make sure they allot the appropriate amount of time for assignments, which keeps students on track for success.

By working directly with academic and college life coaches, Virtual Hall students set priorities and work towards their own individual goals. Through the goal-setting process students develop the skills to evaluate their semester and set realistic benchmarks for success over the course of the academic term. This organization and the ongoing communication with their coaching team keeps students motivated and accountable, tracking their progress over time, working toward success, and building the skill set to eventually do this on their own.

Coaching can also help students identify possible pitfalls and challenges prior to their becoming overwhelmed. Working with students to navigate the Office of Student Services (names vary per campus, but every school has a similar office), secure appropriate academic accommodations, and utilize these services helps students become confident self advocates in the collegiate environment. The life-long skills of self-awareness, honest self-evaluation, and effective self-advocacy ensure that students not only get the most out of their college experience, but build the skills they need for success as independent young adults.

To learn more about how Virtual Hall’s coaching model supports college success please visit our website or contact us for more information.