Q: What kind of students utilize Virtual Hall?

A: Any student who is looking for support in academics, executive functioning, and generally getting the most out of their college experience could be a great fit for Virtual Hall. Many of our students identify with ADHD, a language-based learning difference, or are just looking to increase their academic efficiency and reach their full potential.

Q: Do I have to be a full time student, or live on campus, to use Virtual Hall?

A: Absolutely not! Students can be full or part-time, living at home, on campus, or even off campus. The only requirements are that students are taking post-secondary classes, and are interested in working with a coach to help them reach their full academic potential and get the most out of their college experience.

Q: My campus already provides academic supports and other services. Why would I consider adding Virtual Hall?

A: Colleges and Universities have come a long way in the last 20 years, and many of them provide excellent academic and social supports – but knowing when to utilize these services, how to navigate them, and how to fit them into a busy college schedule can still prove to be a barrier for many students. Working one-on-one with a Virtual Hall coach can help students learn how and when to access on-campus supports, all while staying motivated and on top of their academic and social interests and responsibilities.

Q: Is Virtual Hall only for Freshman?

A: Not at all! Students can benefit from coaching at any point in their academic journey.

Q: I did not enjoy online school and do not do well with online classes – how is this different?

A: You are not the only one who does not love online classes – but Virtual Hall is NOT online school. Virtual Hall coaching sessions are one-on-one, interactive, and focused entirely on you and your goals. This is not a boring Zoom Classroom, but a a relationship with professionals who are focused on helping you meet your goals.