Student Profile

Who Uses Virtual Hall?

Virtual Hall students may be:
  • capable, but untested, in a collegiate environment
  • already in college, but performing below their full capacity
  • feel as though they are academically inefficient
  • still developing executive functioning skills
  • ready for college, but also looking for support for the “adulting” challenges associated with college life
Virtual Hall students benefit from:
  • a dedicated team of academic and college life experts
  • a holistic approach to college success
  • executive functioning support to stay organized and on track
  • writing support for collegiate-level assignments
  • an individualized approach which mitigates anxiety and keeps challenges from spiraling or compounding
  • support navigating the bureaucracy of a college
  • support which comes from an expert who is not their parent, as this allows for healthy individuation 

Virtual Hall is available to students if they are living at home, in a dorm, or in off-campus housing. 

Virtual Hall coaching can support both on-campus and online learning.    

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