A Residential Option: Mansfield Hall

Mansfield Hall’s Residential Living & Communities Can Be Found Across the Country

 Virtual Hall provides remote coaching and college life support.  Our sister organization provides a full residential option.

With locations in Burlington, VT, Madison, WI, and Eugene, OR, Mansfield Hall  provides comprehensive residential support to students who are going to college.

Most easily conceptualized as “The Super Dorm”, Mansfield Hall’s residences provide college students an extra level of in-person academic, social, and independent living skill support in a robust and active social community. 

Students are able to attend local schools – either as a fully-matriculated student or as a visiting, non-matriculated, or continuing education student.  Students receive transferrable credits from local colleges while building skills, confidence, and life-long social connections.

Please feel free to contact Mansfield Hall to learn more about our residential communities.

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